Glimmer club hosts 2023 Canadian Championships, our athletes bring home several medals

Canadian Championships 2023 are successfully finished! We are so happy and proud of our gymnasts! It was a long, and difficult way to get here, but we did it! Carmel Kallemaa brought home 5 individual medals! She is our clubs Canadian champion and AA third place! Alissa Levytskyy won 3rd place in senior open ribbon and AA, and qualified to high performance!

Amy Merante was our first reserve to compete! She worked hard and was ready for anything! Thanks to a last minute scratch, she was able to compete with only a 10 minute notice! And she placed 6th AA in senior open! Ella Gruber, our junior, won first place with the hoop in junior open! She qualified to the final and represented Glimmer well!

Our novice group, who has been through so much this season, pulled through and won 3rd AA! Our junior group, a group of girls that have grown so close together in the past months, used their love to achieve great results! 3rd place in the rope final and AA! Our senior group was a crowd favourite and was able to win first place in the hoop final, the balls and ribbons final, and all around!

We also want to thank all of our amazing and hardworking volunteers that made Canadian Championships happen! It would have been impossible without your time, effort, and energy!

A big thank you to GymCan for your support and big contributions to this event as well! We are very privileged and thankful to have had the opportunity to host the event and to work with you!

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