Rhythmic Gymnastics Competitions
Were do we compete?

Participating in Inter-club, Provincial,  Regional, National and International competitions is an important part of developing both as a gymnast and as an individual.  Glimmer supports gymnast participation at appropriate level events and strongly endorses participation at International competitions for the breadth  and depth of experience and inspiration they provide.  Some of the competitions that our Glimmer gymnasts have competed at are: Canadian Championships, Elite Canada, Ontario Championships, Pan American Games, Junior World Championships, World Cup, Pan American Junior Championships, International competitions Miss Valentine, Slonny Cup, Merepiiga and many others.


What do we host?

Hosting competitions is an important club activity for Glimmer.  Competing and volunteering at events provides gymnasts with a friendly competition venue and gives them a chance to see and be inspired by some of the top gymnasts.
Slonny Cup: The first Slonny Cup competitions were held in Estonia to give gymnasts of all levels the opportunity to shine and gain competition experience.  The Estonian Slonny Cup competitions started in 2011 and continue to this day.  The Slonny Cup format was so successful that Janika decided to carry the same format to Canada.  Since its inception in 2014 the Canadian Slonny Cup competition has grown in size and popularity and it is now one of the largest and top early season events in the country.  The Slonny Cup generally takes place in January,  once new routines are ready to be performed.  It is great practice before the Regionals, Elite Canada and the Canadian Championships. Gymnasts from across Canada and even Internationally compete at the event.  We hope to see you at the next Slonny Cup. Competition dates TBC.

Other hosted competitions: The Glimmer club also hosts some of the highest level Canadian competitions such as Elite Canada and the Canadian Championships. These competitions involve working closely with Gymnastics Canada officials and host clubs go through a rigorous proposal and selection process.  Glimmer hosted the 2019 and 2023 Canadian National Championships in RG and we plan to continue to work closely with Gymnastics Canada in the future.

2023 Canadian Championships in Rhythmic Gymnastics

were  hosted by the Glimmer Athletic Club!